Know Your Olives

Great food starts with great ingredients and getting the staples right makes all the difference.

Quality olive oil is essential to any diverse kitchen and Plenty’s choice is Coolmunda Organic Olives extra virgin.

Owner Gesine Owen says the secret to a great olive oil lies in the process.

Coolmunda Organic Olive Grove

Coolmunda Organic Olive Grove

“We pick in the morning so our olives come straight out of the paddock, straight into processing and we can get a tonne done an hour,” she said.

“It’s all about maintaining a fresh 100% organic product from start to finish.”

The 72-year-old grandmother can safely call herself an old hand, spending the past 15 years growing olives on the banks of the Coolmunda Dam, an area perhaps better known for livestock.

“Growing cattle just wasn’t for us and I’m european so we thought we’d grow olives,” she said.

“With our products we’ve grown slowly so we could maintain the process from paddock to our factory and straight to sale and you certainly get a better taste for it.”

Far from the traditional Mediterranean climate known for olive production, Gesine has tweaked and adjusted to create an award winning range of table olives.

“Our kalamata actually took out the blue ribbon at last year’s Sydney show,” she said.

After declaring Coolmunda the winner the judge remarked the kalamata was exactly what a good olive should taste like.

The tricky business of determining the exact timing and the arduous task of handpicking the olives without the use of any treatment is all worth it in the end according to Gesine.

“(Because of the lack of chemicals and solutions) they can look slightly inconsistent but the taste is always consistent and always amazing,” she said.

On our shelves and in our kitchen, Coolmunda Organic Olives will be plenty.


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