Know Your Quail

A core ethos of responsible, locally sourced food is ingrained in Plenty and Pittsworth farmers Clive and Erika Wylie have made it clear they share this value.

With decades of agricultural experience acquired throughout the world from China to Borneo and all across Australia, the couple know a thing or two about producing honest food.

With their latest venture, Banyard Game Birds, Clive and Erika are focusing their vast knowledge and experience on producing one thing; quality quail.

Clive Wylie, Banyard Game Birds

Clive Wylie, Banyard Game Birds

As a founding director of Inglewood farms, Australia’s leading producer of organic free-range chickens, Clive Wylie has already made himself instrumental to agriculture in the Darling Downs and jumped at the opportunity to continue working in the region.

“I’d known about this little qual business for seven or eight years and I’d been chatting to the owner for quite a few years and when he decided to move on, the wife and I decided to buy the business,” he said.

“We bought it only about six months ago and it’s really a fascinating little business.”

Clive says Banyard Game Birds concentrate solely on producing the best quality quails by managing the entire process from start to finish.

“We actually breed our quail, incubate them, hatch them out and have our own little abattoir making it a fully self-contained business,” he said.

“We do bring our feed in but we are looking at setting up our own little feed mill so we can source all our own ingredients.”

Clive and Erika see the benefit everyday in the quality of quail they are able to produce by controlling the whole process.

“We’ve been involved in food production for a number of years and one of main things that appealed to us about the business was we are really able to offer a sense of knowing where your food comes from,” he said.

“It’s really nice to be fully in control of that.”

Down the Great Dividing Range to Plenty, Clive and Erika’s quail will be gracing our fridges and your plates from our November launch.

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