Know Your Beef

Quality produce is quality because of the care, expert knowledge and attention to detail that goes into it, not the price tag.

By this definition Maryvale farmer Jess Hodges produces serious quality beef and from Kilbilli Farm, she will be proudly supplying Plenty with her produce.

Jess Hodges, Kilbilli Farm

Jess Hodges, Kilbilli Farm

Spending time in agriculture in the far west Channel Country and the Northern Territory before returning to south-east Queensland, Jess brings an impressive skill set to her own venture.

“We’re producing yearling beef fed on pasture supplemented with grain and barley sprouts,” she said.

“It’s nothing at all like a feedlot, it’s all out in the paddock and the barley sprouts we grow hydroponically.”

The carefully crafted diet is one of the most important ways Jess is able to maintain constant quality throughout her beef.

“If you get a steak it should have a little bit of fat, not too excessive, and some marbling through the muscle and thats what we aim for,” she said.

“It’s about taking it right from the beginning, from seeing a calf born and feeding it to a point that you’re happy to sell it to a consumer.”


As well as supplying the kitchen, Jess is also hoping to offer her beef directly to customers at Plenty.

“We are hoping to have different cuts available for sale and importantly not at an exorbitant price, they will be products that the everyday person can afford,” she said.

“It’s really about having that opportunity to cut out the middleman and thats how we are able to offer reasonable prices.”

Jess says the growing trend of consumers looking to connect with where and how their food is produced can only be positive.

“Its really important to give the right picture about how a product is really being produced, here the steers are actually out in the paddock and eating grass so we like to show that,” she said.

“At the end of the day you have to get satisfaction out of what you do and we do.”

From the paddock to you plate, Kilbilli Farm beef will be Plenty.

Kilbilli Farm to Plenty West End

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One thought on “Know Your Beef

  1. Plenty appears to be a great platform on which to market truly desirable products, and our primary producers receiving the accolades they deserve. Also a chance for the metropolitan consumer to have some background of how the meal on their plate has been achieved, and it’s origins.
    Well done Plenty, I tip my Akubra to you.

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