Know Your Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of those foods which speaks to almost everyone. Some grow out of it, some grow in to it and some remain firmly devoted to it.

Someone who is doing great things with ice cream is Grant Lew from Lick! Ice Cream.
Grant’s beginnings in the game came after he and his wife had their first child. “After a couple of weeks of having our newborn at home, my wife was exhausted and I wanted to make her a treat. I had some Baileys liqueur in the cupboard and frozen raspberries in the freezer, so decided to make her an ice cream with that. She ate it and loved it. It was at this time that I was looking to start a business with my sister Carina (the other half of Lick!), and thinking there was a niche in the market we started Lick!.”product shot 2 Lick

There’s something truly special about Lick! Ice cream and Grant’s background as a fine dining chef is undoubtedly a major factor in this. “My goal was to produce the best customised ice creams and sorbets that I knew how. By putting a massive emphasis on quality, keeping the ingredients natural and staying away from additives and preservatives. I started by customising ice creams for restaurants and fortunately have worked with some of Australia’s finest chef’s. An arm quickly grew into a retail range that we started to supply. Demand just kept getting stronger and stronger and we are now 9 years old.”

With most of their product being gluten free as well as preservative and additive free, there are some pretty wonderful points of difference about Lick! Ice Cream, not least the flavour! They aim for a natural product, and as such source some amazing base ingredients.
product shot 3 Lick“In Australia we are blessed to be surrounded by great fresh produce, and a lot of that can be found locally. For example the macadamia nuts used in our Macadamia Praline are direct from a farmer in Beaudesert. The Rhubarb we use is grown at an organic farm on Mt Tambourine. Fans of Lick! support us as a local producer and we are no different from our suppliers. The main ingredients for our ice cream base are 100% Australian. We are proud of that.”


One thing we really love to know is how our provedores like to enjoy their labour of love… and Grant has a red hot penchant for the icy treat… “I love eating ice cream and sorbet together, it takes me back to when I was a kid having a ‘Splice’ ice block.” That’s pretty genius, if you ask us!
As for childhood memories…
“One of the best memories when I was younger was at the Ekka having a Strawberry Sundae. And now having Lick! as the ice cream producer for the Ekka in 2012/13 has been such a privilege. I also remember having vanilla ice cream with a ton of milo sprinkled over the top and eating that after school. It gives me a kick to see my two young girls Abbey and Jade do the same :)”

At Plenty we are experiencing first hand the enjoyment of sourcing directly from people whose hands tend the product we sell or use as ingredients in our dishes. We are privileged to know more about where they come from, why they’re doing what they’re doing.
As Grant says “Being a producer and wholesaler of our product, I get to see and use some of the best produce around. I get to meet the growers and the end consumer. Production is always varied and interesting and I enjoy customising flavours to match the imagination of talented chefs. But most of all, I never get tired of receiving messages of peoples love of Lick!. It is humbling that fans take the time to write or tell us about their experience with Lick! and how it can bring such joy or pleasure to their day. In the end, what more could we ask for.”

You can find the gorgeous Lick! Ice Cream range in our freezers at Plenty.


product shot Lick